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At our hotel, we believe in responsible travel and reducing our carbon footprint. That's why we've implemented sustainable practices throughout our operations. From energy-efficient lighting to water-saving systems, we're doing our part to protect the environment and provide eco-friendly accommodations for our guests.

Our goals are:

• Reduced energy consumption
• Reduced water consumption
• The establishment of an environmental policy for a cleaner environment
• Recycling and materials management
• Use of environmentally friendly consumable products
• Minimizing the emission of pollutants to the environment

Material recycling: In general: Use of products with little packaging, preference for products contained in large packaging and reusable, avoidance of single-use packaging (e.g. breakfast items), use of returnable and reusable recyclable materials in packaging (e.g. glass beer bottles and soft drinks), environmentally friendly cleaning products, using concentrated detergents with packaging that contains less plastic and is recyclable or partially recycled.

Water Conservation: We have pressure reducers in the central network, as well as individual showers and tap filters which save 30% of water. Also, the faucets installed in the bathrooms have a double flow mechanism, to save water.

Lighting: The hotel has large frames, balconies with glass, light colors on its surfaces to take advantage of natural lighting and minimize the use of electric lighting fixtures. LED in all rooms and common areas. Replacement of lighting bulbs with economy bulbs.

Controlled electricity: It has a key card in all rooms in order to control the electricity consumption. The customer, leaving the room, removes the card and the power supply is immediately interrupted.

Air conditioning: Instructions to guests for the correct use of the air conditioning in the rooms. In this way comfort and energy saving conditions are achieved.

Hot Water: Operation of a Solar Panel Array for the production of hot water through solar energy. The water is collected in large containers (boiler), satisfying the daily needs for hot water, so that the use of burners is minimized.

Paper: Print pages on both sides. The pages that have been used from one side are used in the Fax/Photocopier and in the office and reception printers. Sheets of paper that have been used on one side are cut into pieces and turned into notebooks or clipboards.


Laundry Consumption: Encourage customers to leave towels in their shower when they want to be changed.

Our entire hydraulic network is regularly checked for leaks.

Special materials: The following materials are collected in special bins and available for recycling.
• Electrical and electronic devices
• Light bulbs
• Batteries (weight up to one kilogram) collection in the reception area

Sewage: The sewer is connected to the central pipeline of our Municipality. Wastewater is transported to the Biological Purification facilities, where it is processed.

Other actions:
Systematic maintenance and proper functioning control of all mechanical equipment for low energy consumption and maximum performance.

The environmental training of the hotel staff has the axes of sustainable tourism development and is done by using modern means:
• Initial training, for the recognition and use of cleaning and hygiene products and systems.
• Training in the agreed cleaning and hygiene systems and programs.
• Training on the correct and safe use of the products.

The most important businesses in the tourism industry are the hotels. Every hotel business must take measures to protect the environment for ecological and financial reasons.

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